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Why Local News Matters - A Visual News Behind the Scenes Story with Andrew Dolph

December 24, 2021

Hi, this is Zach D Roberts with a special episode of the Visu.News podcast AND the Around the Lens podcast. For those who are new to the pod - Around the Lens is a visual imaging show that I used to do regularly with David J Murphy. Well, we're bringing it back and trying out a bunch of new ideas - expanding out beyond just visual journalism with more reviews and interviews from people outside my usual field. 

One feature that we're working on is bringing you interviews like the one here with Times Reporter photojournalist Andrew Dolph that focuses on getting the "director's commentary" of a photo story. Basically the 'behind the scenes' tale of how and why they got the shots. 

I'm friends with Andrew so I saw these images posted on his Twitter (@andrewdolph) a couple of days ago and I knew I had to talk with him about them. Andrew's paper, the Times Reporter is a daily paper based out of New Philadelphia, Ohio which is on the map between Columbus, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. 

So without further ado - here's my conversation with Andrew Dolph. 

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