Zach D Roberts and Aaron Cynic discuss the Chicago mayoral elections and the five to six Democratic Socialists that won seats on the city council. Aa...View Details

What the HELL is going on in Chicago PART 3! Aaron gives me the run down of the ridiculous series of events happening in Chicago right now from the w...View Details

Episode 24: THIS IS FINE

Wherein Aaron Cynic and I chat about the madness of the week focusing on the massive purge of media jobs.  

As HuffPost and BuzzFeed shed staff, h...View Details

This is episode 23 of the Visu.News podcast. This week I'm here with activist, comedian and writer Nato Green. He's one of my favorite comedians work...View Details

Well, the speech is over and the country hasn't been placed under martial law, and Trump didn't resign. We're not just left with the same old status, ...View Details

This is episode 20 of the podcast, I am Zach d Roberts and I am here with my co-host Aaron Cynic.  This week we will be chatting about Aaro...View Details

This is the 19th episode of the Visu.News podcast. I'm Zach D Roberts and I'm here with my co-host Aaron Cynic discussing the aftermath of the 2018 mi...View Details

It's episode 21 of the Visu.News podcast. Since it's episode 21 you know what that means - we're finally legal to drink so we're drinking not that th...View Details

I'm Zach D Roberts and this week on episode 18 of the VisuNews podcast we have comedian and activist Lizz Winstead chatting with me about the Golden...View Details

Welcome to episode 17 of the Visu Dot News podcast, I am Zach D Roberts and this week I chat with fact-checker extraordinaire, Brooke Binkowski former...View Details

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